IxDA Program

IxDAHK launches programs to bridge the gap between the UX wannabes and potential UX employers through hosting mentorship opportunity

Mentorship Program

IxDAHK Mentor Network Platform aims to connect designers with local UX experts or potential employers through hosting mentorship sessions, where you can get access to some of the most experienced UX experts in HK (with 10-20+years experience in different industries). Mentors may give you guidance and answer questions with a fresh perspective outside of your work environment.

Join our Volunteer

IxDA HK is a volunteer based organization. All board and committee members are volunteers helping to bring amazing new talks, panels and discussion to the community. We're often looking for volunteers to help on the day of events, plan events, and lead the future of IxDA HK as part of the board. If you are interested in getting more involved in the community check out our volunteer opportunities.