IxDAHK Mentorship Program


【號外啊!Good News!🔊】 . IxDAHK 於日前舉辦的「用戶體驗設計導師計劃 Webinar」雖完滿落幕,但精彩的部分才剛剛開始!我們除保留了前兩輪的原班人馬外,春季更額外邀請到六位來自各個產業與職位的新前輩加入,意味著這次可以招募更多的導生了!導師們更貼心地錄製了一段自我介紹到 IxDAHK 的 YouTube 平台,讓你可在申請前認識一下他們的職業背景、強項絕紹,和對春季新導生的期望😄 另外!如果各位想了解當日的實況內容:包括導師和導生分享、新改良的計劃架構、一對一配對方式和交流方法,亦可到我們的 YouTube 平台重溫喔⏪ . 


Thank you everyone for tuning in with our 👉UX Mentorship Program Webinar 👈, the real fun is about to begin! While our OG mentorship crew will still be meeting you in the 3rd round, we have just invited 6 new UX mentors to join us, meaning that we can intake more mentees in the coming spring, hooray! We’ve also uploaded our mentors’ introduction on our YouTube channel, where you can learn extra about their career background, strengths/specialties as well as expectations on mentees before applying for the mentorship program😄 . Stay tuned if you would like to learn more about the mentorship program, we will be sharing more information shortly on our new program structure, how mentees are matched with mentors! Be sure to check out our recorded webinar on our YouTube Channel as well 🙂 . 



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