How should young designers manage stakeholders?


Hope everyone had a good start to the year of ox ! We are seeing the UX community growing bigger year by year. As many of you may have just transitioned into this field. How do junior designers build the skill of stakeholder management? Speaking with colleagues with no design background or get their buy in? Join our next event at 11:30am on the 27th Feb for top tips from Ada Yuen, Peter Lau, Oscar Venhuis ,Gene Soo 和Tim Chan!

Remember to prepare some questions to join the discussion with the speakers

IxDA Hong Kong 祝大家新年快樂及牛年有個好的開始!

隨著用戶體驗行業的在香港發展多元化、普及化,人們漸漸關注用戶體驗的重要性; 加上這幾年投身在UX的人愈來愈多,當中不乏剛轉行做UX的初級設計師。作為初出茅廬的設計師,少不免要與不同的人合作; 但當中要如何掌握持份者(Stakeholders)的管理 ? 又如何說服沒有設計背景的同事,並獲得他們的認可?我們這次邀請了Ada Yuen, Peter Lau, Oscar Venhuis ,Gene Soo 和Tim Chan 分享他們的經驗! 歡迎大家參加我們在2月27日上午11:30的網上會議啦!


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